You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Generous 

The Very Rich, It Now Appears, Give Their Share and Even More says an article from the New York Times (free registration required) quoting a study from the New Tithing Group. GuideforGood featured New Tithing's calculator in our second-ever post in January 2003* even when the group seemed to be "hiding" the calculator from visitors to its Web site. A note at that time said that they were planning to release a new calculator (which was, in fact, released in December 03). But GuideforGood remembered seeing the old calculator at NetworkforGood.org, so we "stole" it from there. Note that Claude Rosenberg of New Tithing claims that wealthy people, nonetheless, could give 40 percent more, without hurting their economic status.*********************Categories: Giving.

*That was when we had high hopes of making this a daily blog. Lately it's been more like monthly, but that's mostly because we're working on a new theme and strategy, promise!

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