Shop Well, Do Well 

If you're buying presents this season, consider catalogs and Web sites that benefit kids, families, and communities. For example, seventy-five cents of every dollar spent on the beautiful gifts and cards from UNICEF goes to support programs that promote the health and welfare of low-income children around the world.

Another site to check out is Musee.com (musee is French for museum), which links to many museum stores around the world. These stores help raise money to keep the museums open and accessible to the public.

The Heifer Project offers a different way to share. Its catalog allows you to donate (in someone else's name) an income-producing animal, such as a pig or a goat, to a low-income family in one of 47 countries. The Heifer Project was recently named a "gold star" charity -- one of ten in the U.S. -- by Forbes magazine). Heifer Project gifts keep on giving because the receiving families agree to give the first-born female of their animal to another family. See especially the delightful "movie" that you can "send" (via an e-mail link) to people who ask you want you want for the holidays.

Finally, see the entry under August 20 about shopping at places that are part of the Fair Trade Federation.*********************Giving, living.

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