Simple Actions to Free the Slaves 

This Labor Day, take a few minutes to review 21st-Century Slaves, an excerpt of the current issue of National Geographic.

I heard about this through a newsletter I receive from one of the groups that helped with the article, Free the Slaves (www.freetheslaves.net).

As it said in the newsletter, "The article and the photos are so captivating and heart-wrenching that National Geographic Magazine Editor Bill Allen was moved to write, 'You may cry. You may be sickened. You may be riveted, unable to stop reading. Or you may decide you can't bear any more, and flip to the next article.... You'll never look at the world the same way again.' "

Take note, it's a huge tragedy, but THERE IS A SOLUTION that we can all be a part of. This fall, important anti-slavery legislation is being considered. Write a letter to your senator as suggested in the section, Take Action. Also consider joining and making a donation to Free the Slaves. Finally, see How We Can End Slavery from Kevin Bales, director of Free the Slaves. (There are also audio clips but I'm unable to "blog" those for some reason.)

At the Free the Slaves site, you'll find the stories of Salma and Drissa.

There are age-appropriate resources for children at Did You Know? while teachers and leaders of community and religious youth groups will benefit from the excellent Free the Slaves Education Pack.*********************Categories: Giving, Volunteering, Working, Advocating, Learning

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