Conscientious Consumption 

I've been referred to this site by a brilliant librarian who says that it "checks out legit" (which is often not the case on the Web). It looks like a great resource for gifts, decoration, coffee, and food.

As it says on the site, "the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is an association of fair trade wholesalers, retailers, and producers whose members are committed to providing fair wages and good employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged artisans and farmers worldwide.

"FTF directly links low-income producers with consumer markets and educates consumers about the importance of purchasing fairly traded products which support living wages and safe and healthy conditions for workers in the developing world.

"FTF also acts as a clearinghouse for information on fair trade and provides resources and networking opportunities for its members. By adhering to social criteria and environmental principles, Fair Trade Organizations (FTOs) foster a more equitable and sustainable system of production and trade that benefits people and their communities."*********************Categories: Living, Advocating

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