It Pays to Play -- Physically, Mentally, Socially 

Another great summer activity: volunteer your time (why not involve the whole family?) to build a playground through the highly esteemed nonprofit organization KaBOOM! And if you're thinking of starting a playground project with your neighbors, school, or place of worship, KaBOOM!'s great online playground planner can guide you through the process, helping you manage volunteers, donors, contacts, budgets, and events. Playgrounds, are fun, sure. That's only part of what makes them essential community assets. Aside from the fact that studies show that play is healthy both mentally and physically, playgrounds are one of the few non-commercial places in America—what some scholars call a “third place”—where people of all ages, abilities, incomes, races, and religions can truly come together. For more on "third places," see this discussion by the way-cool ConservationEconomy.net.*********************Categories: Volunteering, Living, Advocating

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