The Best Top Ten List Ever 

According to The Better World Handbook, these are the top ten things an individual can do to, well, create a better world:

*Buy a Low Emission, Fuel Efficient Car
*Limit Your Work Time
*Buy Less Stuff
*Buy Products From Socially Responsible Companies
*Make Time for Loved Ones
*Eat Less Meat
*Open an Account at a Socially Responsible Bank or Credit Union
*Conserve Energy and Water
*Watch Less TV
*Join an Organization You Care About

You can find more details on each of these steps by clicking on the link above, and then clicking on "The Top Ten Actions" on the toolbar at the left. I haven't read it yet, but The Better World Handbook bills itself as the "definitive guide for the average person wanting to make a positive difference in the world.....people who may be too busy to be actively involved in social change organizations." From the reviews posted on the Web site, it certainly appears to live up to that promise."*********************Categories: Giving, Volunteering, Working, Living, Traveling, Advocating, Learning

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