For the Wonderful Wonks Who Work & Volunteer for Nonprofits 

The Stanford Social Innovation Review is a new quarterly publication from that university's graduate school of business. It's targeted to people interested nonprofit management, philanthropy, and corporate citizenship. I haven't studied the site, but some of the content is free (meanwhile, a subscription will cost a hefty $69 for four issues.) Funny, because, as soon as I saw it, I thought of the study, Knowledge Sharing in the Social Sector, by the nonprofit consulting firm affiliated with the elite management consultancy Bain & Co. The study said such a journal was lacking in the nonprofit sector. And sure enough, the first issue has an article from the director of Bridgepsan.********************Categories: Giving, Working


What Gets Measured, Gets Done 

Charity Begins at Schedule A, from yesterday's New York Times, is a brilliant proposal -- by Ian Ayres and Barry Nalebuff, Yale professors and Forbes columnists -- for increasing charitable giving in this country. Basically, it's a line on every tax return that would allow all taxpayers to see what percentage of their income goes to charity. With their awareness raised, the argument goes, many would be more likely to give more.*********************Categories: Giving


For Execs Looking for Jobs in Nonprofits 

Looking for work? Too many people are. ExecSearches.com bills itself as the Web's premier executive jobs and senior management employment site for nonprofit, public sector, and socially conscious organizations.*********************Categories: Working

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