Kits for Kids Affected by War 

If you want to do something small but significant, assemble and donate a health kit (soap, shampoo, etc) for suffering people -- many of them kids -- in Iraq and nearby countries. Their extreme living conditions are worsening with the threat of war.

According to the American Friends Service Committee, which is sponsoring the drive, "The Iraqis have lost everything. The middle class has been depleted. There are many children who are unable to go to school. In many communities people cannot get clean water. People are dependant on the government's monthly food rations. There is a collective sense of fatigue from 12 years of sanctions. The impending war will make Iraqis' lives even more difficult."

I have neighbors with family in Iraq. They report the same thing. A few weeks ago we were visiting with them at their home down the street when one of their friends phoned to ask them to contribute some money to a mutual friend in Iraq who once led a middle-class life, but who could no longer afford food for his kids.

Send the health kits by the end of April (extended deadline) to one of the offices of the American Friends Services Committee, which is sponsoring the drive. Check out the other resources on the AFSC Web site while you're there.*********************Categories: Giving, Volunteering

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