Surveying the Anti-War Movement 

For an excellent survey of the anti-war movement, see this New York Times article (quick registration required). As the article mentions (and as proof of the points I made in my earlier posts about an anti-war position not being the same as an anti-troop position), one of the mainstream peace groups, Win Without War, is urging supporters to write supportive e-mails to the troops.*********************Categories: Advocating, Volunteering


"Send Your Twin Daughters Over to Kuwait" 

As Michael Moore points out in a letter to President Bush (parts of which he repeated on stage tonight when accepting his Oscar for Bowling for Columbine), "Of the 535 members of Congress, only ONE (Sen. Johnson of South Dakota) has an enlisted son or daughter in the armed forces! If you really want to stand up for America, please send your twin daughters over to Kuwait right now and let them don their chemical warfare suits. And let's see every member of Congress with a child of military age also sacrifice their kids for this war effort. What's that you say? You don't THINK so? Well, hey, guess what -- we don't think so either!" Moore's site also contains an excellent summary of the various things one can do to protest the war.*********************Categories: Advocating


Support the Troops: Don't Send Them to Die for Oil  

I'm totally baffled by those who charge that anti-war protestors oppose the troops. Are those who make the charge really that simple minded? Can they not see that those who oppose the war do so because they believe that sons and daughters are being sacrificed for no good reason? I see anti-war protest as the highest form of support for the troops. For an eloquent, pro-troops, anti-war statement, go to VAIW: Veterans Against The Iraq War, a coalition organizing Operation Dire Distress, a march and lobbying effort this weekend and Monday in Washington, D.C.*********************Categories: Advocating


A Sad Day Indeed 

War has begun. You can begin your response by signing MoveOn.org's Citizens' Declaration.*********************Categories: Advocating


Kits for Kids Affected by War 

If you want to do something small but significant, assemble and donate a health kit (soap, shampoo, etc) for suffering people -- many of them kids -- in Iraq and nearby countries. Their extreme living conditions are worsening with the threat of war.

According to the American Friends Service Committee, which is sponsoring the drive, "The Iraqis have lost everything. The middle class has been depleted. There are many children who are unable to go to school. In many communities people cannot get clean water. People are dependant on the government's monthly food rations. There is a collective sense of fatigue from 12 years of sanctions. The impending war will make Iraqis' lives even more difficult."

I have neighbors with family in Iraq. They report the same thing. A few weeks ago we were visiting with them at their home down the street when one of their friends phoned to ask them to contribute some money to a mutual friend in Iraq who once led a middle-class life, but who could no longer afford food for his kids.

Send the health kits by the end of April (extended deadline) to one of the offices of the American Friends Services Committee, which is sponsoring the drive. Check out the other resources on the AFSC Web site while you're there.*********************Categories: Giving, Volunteering


"Rekindle the Light of Reason and Hope" 

Did you light a candle tonight? See the photos from the candlelight vigil that took place (many in addition to marches) in hundreds of cities across the world. Said Archibishop Desmond Tutu, "May our candles rekindle the light of reason and hope so that war will be averted in Iraq and peace will prevail in the world." Reason is surely what we need now. So much of the debate in this country has turned hateful and irrational: rightwingers are accusing anti-war protestors of being traitors, boycotting French products for its anti-war position, and attacking singers and stars who exercise their freedom of speech to oppose the war."*********************Categories: Advocating


Ways to Really Help Those Who Really Need Help 

Learn how you can help tens of thousands of girls in Africa who are abducted, held captive, and raped. Oprah's show today, Women Held Captive in Africa, is summarized on her Web site. Two of the groups through which you can contribute: Witness, which uses video and technology to promote human rights, and the International Rescue Committee (IRC). The Oprah show featured an amazing 28-year-old woman who works for the IRC in Uganda to rescue the girls.*********************Categories: Giving, Volunteering, Advocating


Sing Against the War 

John Mellencamp has an anti-war song, "To Washington," that you can download free. According to an article in the New York Times about the song, it is based on a Woody Guthrie tune that is based on a Carter Family song.

A verse:
And he wants to fight with many
And he says it's not for oil
He sent out the National Guard
To police the world
From Baghdad to Washington

With a similar message, the Beastie Boys recorded, "In a World Gone Mad", also free. Some of the lyrics: "How many people must get killed/For oil families' pockets to get filled?" The New York Times writes about this one, too.*********************Categories: Living, Advocating


Pledge for Peace 

Sign the Iraq Peace Pledge.*********************Categories: Advocating


Way Cool Site for World News (and Kids' Country Reports) 

One of the most interesting sites I've come across in a while: Reuters AlertNet is designed to offer news and information to people and organizations that work in international development and humanitarian aid. But it's a great digest for anyone interested in world affairs from a humanitarian perspective.

Among many other things, check out the country profiles (great summaries for adults; a great resource for kids' reports) and the international humanitarian job listings.*********************Categories: Giving, Volunteering, Working, Traveling, Advocating, Learning

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