Teaching Kids to Give  

Teaching kids to be generous and compassionate is one of the best things we can do to promote a just and peaceful world. The Money Savvy Pig (tm) is a new transparent piggy bank with four marked compartments for your kids' cash: saving, investing, spending, ...and donating. It comes with tips on how to teach kids to manage money wisely. The site also sells a curriculum for teachers and youth workers, and includes notes on how to obtain federal funding for it under the No Child Left Behind Act

Another good resource is the The Giving Box from Mr. Rogers. A little book with stories of generosity from different cultures comes with a pretty little "giving box" that children can use to collect coins to donate to others. Idea: engage the kids in picking a different cause to give to each month. Note: GuideforGood earns nothing from sales of the Money Savvy Pig (tm), and only a small referral fee if you buy something after clicking through to Amazon.com from this site.********************Categories: Giving, Learning

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