Resources for Parents in Troubled Times 

As a parent, I know how hard it can be to help kids cope with current events and issues such as terrorism and war. I've scanned lots on the Web and found these sites to be among the most comprehensive and helpful:

*AboutOurKids.org is a child and adolescent mental health and parenting resource of the New York University Child Study Center. This is packed with great information. Note especially:
--A War in Iraq: Tackling Tough Issues With Kids and
--Helping Children Feel Safe in Unsafe Times

*PBS Parents has lots of good stuff, some of it age specific. Also on the PBS site, though not in the parents' section, is a really helpful article from the venerable Mr. Rogers, Helping Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers Deal with Children's Concerns About Violence in the News. One of the best tips: anytime there is a scene of violence and danger, you can always point out the helpers, e.g., "Look at the people who are helping the people who were hurt." Let's pray we won't need to use this advice in the coming weeks.*********************Categories: Living, Learning

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