Mr. Rogers, We'll Miss You  

As my friend Esme wrote today, the world is a different place without Mr. Rogers. He was truly a "guide for good," one of the world's best. He helped millions of children feel loved and care for, and helped millions of adults love and care for the children in their lives. In his honor, I'm reposting an excerpts from two previous entries in the last few weeks:

"The Giving Box from Mr. Rogers....[is] a little book with stories of generosity from different cultures [that] comes with a pretty little "giving box" that children can use to collect coins to donate to others. Idea: engage the kids in picking a different cause to give to each month."

"Also on the PBS site... is a really helpful article from the venerable Mr. Rogers, Helping Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers Deal with Children's Concerns About Violence in the News. One of the best tips: anytime there is a scene of violence and danger, you can always point out the helpers, e.g., "Look at the people who are helping the people who were hurt."*********************Categories: Giving, Advocating, Learning

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