Conservatives, Too, are Against the War 

The last few days have seemed overwhelming. Aside from the mundane pressures of work and parenting, there's the specter of war in Iraq and the threat of terrorist attacks in the U.S. And it's all twisted: I have no doubt that we are more vulnerable to an attack as a result of our march to war, but at the same time, it's hard to believe that the government isn't overstating the threat as a way to scare people into supporting the war. Plan to go an anti-war rally this weekend. They'll be held around the world. And in the meantime, consider these anti-war views, some from conservative sources:

Military Families Speak Out includes original content as well as several links to anti-war veteran's groups, including Veterans for Common Sense.

The Libertarians at Cato Institute are mostly against the war.

Did you catch the ad, "A Republican Dissent on Iraq", published recently in the Wall Street Journal? I found a PDF of the ad only on the Web log of Libertarian Lance M. Brown, who discusses how the ad was actually "sponsored" by the left-leaning (but, in my opinion, wonderfully savvy) TrueMajority. Brown wonders why the Republicans wouldn't set up their own Web site as a more effective way of winning over other conservatives to the cause. In any case, check out the platform of TrueMajority.

Or, see the text of the Republican anti-war ad on the Web site of Anita Roddick, the Body Shop founder and socially-responsible business executive. Hers is another site with good information on a variety of causes, including human rights and the environment.*********************Categories: Advocating

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