"Bush, Play Golf, Not War!" 

No War in Iraq: Millions marched around the world, thousands of them in Chicago, carrying signs with slogans such as "Bush, play golf, not war!"

Interestingly, as of early Sunday morning, I could find no articles online from either of the city's two dailies, though I did find a report from ABC7Chicago.com and, best of all, there was a very descriptive article in the New York Times. The Times article mentions an anti-war marching band as well as Buddhists with lotus blossoms. Courtesy of my friend Pete, photos of both those groups -- and more -- are included in the aforementioned link "Bush, play golf, not war!".

One of the points of the march was to show solidarity with Pakistanis and other immigrants who are being treated like criminals (i.e., being asked to "register" with the government) simply because of their race or religion. The march took place on Devon Avenue in Chicago, which is at the heart of several immigrant communities: Pakistani, Indian, Jewish, Croation, Russian, Assyrian, and others. (Naturally, it's also the home of some great restaurants and interesting stores.)*********************Categories: Advocating

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