Don't Despair; Turn the Tide 

Does the sorry state of the environment ever seem overwhelming? Don't despair; you can Turn the Tide with nine simple actions prescribed by the friendly and sensible Center for a New American Dream:   
1. Skip a car trip each week.
2. Replace one beef meal each week.
3. Skimp on shrimp, i.e., don't eat it.
4. Stop junk mail through an online service.
5. Replace four regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights.
6. Move the thermostat 3 degrees (down in cold, up in warm weather).
7. Eliminate lawn and garden pesticides.
8. Use efficient showerheads and low flow faucet aerators.
9. Inspire two friends to Turn the Tide, too. (Why not e-mail this page to them?)

Take a look at the Center's very thorough and thoughtful Web site, which includes lots of practical, money-saving, and environmentally-sound ideas, including some especially for kids and parents. You'll also find testimonials from high-profile supporters and articles about Turn the Tide from the Washington Post and other media outlets. If folks in the U.S. took these nine simple actions, we could reduce our dependence on oil from other countries and increase our national security.*********************Categories: Living, Advocating

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